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April 2024 is when you begin a nutrition journey tailored uniquely to you — because your health deserves personalisation, not guesswork.


Currently, the health and fitness space remains exclusive for the people who already understand it and know what to eat.‍We're developing an app that aims to make gaining muscle, maintaining and losing weight accessible and simpler than ever.You will be able to track your macros with a tracker that constantly updates itself to align with YOUR metabolism. And also provide you with food recommendations based on food you like and already eat.Achieving your goals has literally never been easier.We're offering our first users the opportunity to become a Founding Member. While the application will be free to download and use certain features, premium features will be accessible only through annual/monthly memberships. By contributing to Cookly as a Founding Member, you are supporting our inception and gaining exclusive access to state-of-the-art nutritional features, forever. By becoming a Founding Member, you will be granted a lifetime membership to all current and future premium features.


Dynamic Macro TrackingUnlike ordinary calorie trackers, which don't at all consider different metabolic rates, our Premium Subscription boasts a dynamic macro goal setter. An advanced algorithm powered by AI that constantly redefines itself for your own metabolism, so that you can be confident you will meet your goals.

Personalised Food RecommendationsCurrently, the market for health & fitness apps offer no value aside from confusing data, which is left up to you to interpret. For most who don't have pre-requisite nutrition knowledge, this can leave many people overwhelmed and confused as to how they improve. So we're building a food recommendation engine using AI and Machine Learning to recommend you foods, that not only align with your health and fitness goals, but even your personal dietary preferences.

Poop TrackerYep... Exactly what it sounds like.You can even track your bowel movements. In the future, we hope to integrate food recommendations that even tailor to how your body reacts to different foods!

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